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Bill's Fireside Articles

Kobe and Jack

Two great men, both masters of their own game and at opposite ends of life, leave us with an important lesson - know the value of not missing the chance of telling others why they are important and why we care. 

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Advice on Avoiding Scams and Fraud During Tax Season

With advancing electronic conveniences and technology all around us, the bad guys are thinking harder and smarter of ways to induce us to part with our private information so we can part with our money in their direction.

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Sunset of Stretch (SOS)

July, 2019

In addition to the “stretch” possibly going away, the trade-off currently in the House bill is to remove the government-inflicted confusion of the 70½ rule.  Many of us would welcome a more straightforward rule for the required beginning date (RBD) to begin our mandatory distributions from retirement accounts.  Currently the thinking is to change the RBD to a more sensible number of age 72.

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Special Report on Special Needs: An Update for Families and Their Loved Ones

October 2019

As we and our society strive for increased quality of life for our special needs loved ones, additional tools have been made available to us. With the right combination of advisor, attorney and CPA, some of the millions of families dealing with these real-life challenges may have an easier time helping their special needs loved one enjoy their lives and opportunities in new and optimal ways.

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HSAs Are Worth A Close Look

July, 2021

No such debate exists as far as I am aware about Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s).  They have always been an attractive solution to many of our clients and there are now dynamics afoot that may make them even more so.

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