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Exceptional Service and Communication

Our service to you is of utmost importance, and at the heart of that is an unparalleled communication model. We adapt our approach based solely on your preference, with an emphasis on fostering a trusted relationship that encourages an open exchange of ideas and shared concerns. Most importantly, we are available whenever you want to discuss your ongoing portfolio performance, and we proactively reach out to you whenever opportunities to help grow and preserve your wealth present themselves.

Our Services Include:

• Investment Management
o Independent market research
o Advanced portfolio and investment analytics
o Access to a wide range of investment products
o Portfolios customized to individual client needs
o Risk aware approach

• Financial Planning
o Comprehensive financial planning
o “Second opinion” reviews
o Family cash flow and budget analysis
o College savings planning
o Advanced tax planning

• Retirement Planning
o Retirement projections
o Social Security strategies
o Roth conversion analysis
o Business exit planning

• Legacy Planning
o Philanthropic strategies
o Advanced estate planning
o Family trusts
o Foundation and endowment guidance

• Risk Management
o Single stock risk management
o Long-term care financing strategies
o Insurance and risk management for families

• Meaningful Communication
o Frequent updates on changing market conditions
o Education on a wide variety of financial topics
o Assistance and guidance through periods of personal or family transitions